Adding MetaData to a File/Folder

Need a method for running reports on specific sets of data?  MetaData provides a flexible yet structured way to add information to a folder. Files added to the folder then inherit the Metadata definitions. So, just as index cards at a library have reference information on books, MetaData allows you to add relevant references to folders, such as the time and date of creation, creator or author, purpose, etc. Here you'll find instructions on defining MetaData fields.


  1. Log into your account.
  2. On the My Document view right-click on a file/folder and select Create eForm Data.

Clicking this menu option an eForm selection window is displayed to the user. User then selects the eForm to be linked to the file and enters metadata for the file.


3. It will prompt you to select an eForm and Continue.

4. Once you continue, the eForm you have selected will display and you can add metadata to the file/folder you selected.

  1. Fill out the eForm fields then click Submit and Close to save your data.


Linking additional files


2. Once you click on the button, you can add additional files/folders by clicking on the Add Files / Folders button on the right.


3. Check the box on the items you wish to add.  Click OK to confirm.


4. Once you are pleased with your list, click Save to finalize your additions and return to the eForm.








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