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The FileAssist Email Robot is a feature allowing you to easily send or retrieve files from your FileAssist account by simply sending an email.   You can use your email to search for files, provide a listing or create a file share link and send an email back to you.  You can simply check your email, click on the link and get your files from ANYWHERE. You can then forward this email to others who you wish to share the File Share Link with, or send files directly into your FileAssist account.

To Enable

To turn on the FileAssist Email Robot, navigate to your Profile/Account, and click on Email Robot on the left-hand side.  Here, you can select to enable the Email Robot feature.


  • The search keywords SEND, PREVIEW, PLAY and SEND FILES provide File Share Links for the search results.
  • The search function will also search files which have an associated 'tag' and send you a separate email with those files.
  • Search in specific folders by adding the folder in the subject line, i.e. /foldername1/foldername2.
  • Use a password within double angular brackets (<<PASSWORD>>) to generate password protected File Share Links for the search results.
  • The search keywords SEARCH and LIST provide a listing of searched files.
  • An Index search on all shared folders is performed and a separate link is sent in an email for files found in each shared folder.
  • If the Index search does not find files, Robot performs a non-indexed search and sends the result in an email.
  • Attach files or simply forward attachments to your FileAssist email to SEND files into your account.
  • The Robot feature options can be accessed from your profile page.

How it Works

To start, you will simply send an email to your FileAssist account [USERNAME]@FileAssistSEND.COM with any of the below in the subject line:

  • SEND [search string]
  • PREVIEW [search string] 
  • PLAY [search string]
  • SEND FILES [search string]
  • SEARCH [search string]
  • LIST [search string]

 To password protect a returned file share link, you will use any of the below in the subject line:

  • SEND [search string] <<PASSWORD>>
  • PREVIEW [search string] <<PASSWORD>>
  • PLAY [search string] <<PASSWORD>>
  • SEND FILES [search string] <<PASSWORD>>
To search within a specific folder, add the following in the subject line:
  • [KEYWORD] /foldername1/foldername2


  • SEND abc.doc

Robot will search for abc.doc and return the file share link for the files found.

  • PLAY “Spice Up Your Life.mp3”

Robot will search and provide a preview mode file share link for the Spice Up Your Life.mp3 file.

  • SEARCH My Documents/MUSIC/Spice Up Your Life.mp3

Robot will search within the MUSIC folder and provide a file share link for the Spice Up Your Life.mp3 file.

  • PREVIEW trip.jpeg <<password>>

Robot will search for all the trip.jpeg files and provide a password protected file share link in preview mode.


You can even upload files into your account by attaching a file to an email or forwarding an attachment to your FileAssist email.
  • Add MOVETO as the subject of the email, then after that you can specify a sub-directory.  Example, "MOVETO \PICTURES".

Robot Responses

Successful Search Attempt - After a successful search attempt is made, the FileAssist Email Robot will respond with an email containing a File Share Link to the files you searched for.  You can then use this link to send to others or to download the files yourself.

Successful Listing Search - Searching for a list of files, you will receive an email with a list of files found within your account.

Search Made by Non-Registered Email - If a search query is made by a non-registered email in your FileAssist account, you will receive a response from the system advising you that results have been sent to the registered email.

No Files Found By Search - If no files are found when performing a search, you will receive an email advising that the system will now perform a File System Data search.  If nothing is found using a File System Data search, the system will notify you in an email.

Approved Senders Section

Select whether to allow emails from all senders or only from a list of approved senders. You may designate approved senders by typing the email address into the Email Address or Domain field and then clicking the Add to Approved button. View the list of approved sender in the Approved List of Senders window.

If you'd like to allow senders to determine which folder an attachment should upload to, you must add the "Allow MOVETO" feature. Highlight the email address you'd like to enable and the click the Allow MOVETO button. When sending the email, the subject line should read MOVETO (folder name). This will allow the system to place the inbound email attachment into the folder indicated in the subject line. 

MOVETO Settings Section

Select whether you prefer inbound attachments of the same name be overwritten or have a version number assigned.

Email Rules Section

Select the additional email rules you wish to assign to inbound email attachments.

Click Save to save the changes made to your account.


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