Overview of My Documents

My Documents is the section of your account where all of your files are located. From here users can send documents, rearrange them, change the folder settings, and generally perform any action they need to inside this section. There are different views, each of which will be covered, though the difference between them is minimal. 

List View 

A: The folder pathway displays the location of the folder or file and each folder that users must navigate through to reach the location/file.

B: These three buttons are Download, Send, and Options. 

C: This check box allows users to select multiple files to perform an action on multiple folders at once.

D: This date is the last date the folder was modified.

E: Click on one of these words to sort the files by a different parameter.

F: Click here to create a new folder.

G: Users can view My Documents in a different view, which you can learn more about here.

Icon View

The main difference between List View and Icon view is how the folders are displayed. Each folder has a down arrow in the top right corner which users click on to access the folder options or actions related to a file or folder. Other than that, this view behaves almost identically to the List View.  

Tree View

Tree View lists the file on top of one another with expandable folders (plus sign). Generally, this view is the simplest to use; right clicking on a folder displays all possible actions for a folder or file and the entire folder path is displayed. Users can even drag and drop files between the folders to rearrange their data. 

Pie Graph Files View

Users can click a section of the chart to enter a folder where the chart is reformed to reflect that folder's contents. This view type is useful for locating which folders contain a lot of data or take up a lot of space. 

A: Re-indexing the account will update the graph to reflect any account (data) changes. 

B: This is where users can access the folder options.

C: Users are able to print the graph.

D: View the pie chart by number of files or size of the files in each folder.

Bar Graph Files View

The bar graph view functions the same as the pie graph view; the only difference is how the view displays the data. Users may still click on a graph (instead of pie slice) to navigate inside the folder.


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