eForm Settings

A Closer Look at eForm Settings

Once you’ve created an eForm you can customize the all of the settings to tailor fit the eForm to best suit your needs. For more information about creating an eForm, go here

To change any of the settings, click on any of the tabs on the left side of the page. 


Each of the tabs on the left will change the information displayed on the right. Having selected eForm Links, the right portion of the page now displays additional information and customizable settings.

The eForm Links tab presents you with a URL to distribute via email and instant messaging programs and HTML code to embed the link in a webpage. 



Click the Send eForm tab to select your recipients, add/change the subject line and body of the email.



The eForm Link History displays when the eForm link was sent and to whom. 



The Notifications tab allows you to A) be notified when the eForm is submitted, B) be notified when the eForm is accessed, and C) include a PDF attachment with the notification email.

You are also able to enter an additional recipient to receive the email notifications. 



The Header tab allows you to alter the presentation of the eForm. You can A) upload an image as shown below, B) add your name or company’s name, C) add a URL link (e. g. to company’s website), D) and you may also write a brief description of the eForm.



The Security tab allows you to A) password protect your eForm, B) set an expiration date for the eForm link disabling access after a certain point, C) require user to input text (such as a name) before they can fill out the eForm, D) require user to check the box (e.g. agreeing to terms of service) before continuing to the eForm, E) requires a graphical signature before continuing to the eForm. To alter the GroupShare and Permissions click on the tab to right (F). 



Through the GroupShare and Permissions tab you are able to grant other users varying levels of access to the eForm. You are also able to notify the users when they are added to the GroupShare.



It is also possible to associate the eForm with a folder (red box) and use the form to capture metadata.

To learn more about Meta Data click here.  



Finally, the Cover Page allows you to A) display a page title, B) enter a description, and C) enable and include a return URL so that the recipient of the eForm is automatically redirected to a website of your choosing upon completion of the form. 




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