Logging In

Step-by-Step Instructions: Logging Into Your FileAssist Account

Need to know how to log in to your FileAssist account? Here you'll find step-by-step instructions for accessing your account.

Let's Get Started:

1. From the main page, click the blue "Login" button in the top right corner

2. Enter your Username and Password 

3. The Main View page will displayed after logging in. The first time you open the web interface, it will take a moment to download the site content, but this shouldn't be a problem on future logins. Your browser will start caching this information to speed up the entire site dramatically during future visits.

Common Login Problems

Problem with Password

Passwords ARE case-sensitive and must be alphanumeric, so please be sure follow the correct capitalization on passwords.

Session Timeout

The Timeout message appears normally after several hours of inactivity. If the Timeout message prevents you from logging in, it means that cookies or JavaScript are being blocked, or Content Filtering is enabled. Click here  for instructions to resolve the Timeout message.

SSL Warning

During the new user sign-up and in the user profile screen, you may choose the option to "Require SSL Login". This forces you to login using the SSL login option. This option may also be enforced by your designated administrator if you are part of a WorkGroup . To avoid this warning, bookmark the secure site,https://secure.file-assist.com, and always use this page when logging in.  If you receive the warning about SSL from your Internet browser, "You are about to view pages over a secure connection", you can avoid this in the future by checking the box "In the future, do not show this warning".


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