Getting to Know the Different View Types

View Types

There are four different view types: List View, Icon View, Chart View, and Bar View. To switch between the views click on the icons below the Upload and New Folder buttons.


‘Bread Crumbs’

Each of the view types (excluding Tree View) contains a ‘Bread Crumb’ navigation bar. If you need to go back to another folder higher up in your directory, simply click on the folder you wish to return to.




List View

This view displays each of the folders within a selected directory in individual rows with boxes to their left (circled in red). When multiple boxes are checked, a light-blue bar will appear (see red arrow) with various actions available such as downloading the file or sharing it (see red box).

To the far right of the row, opposite the check box (bordered in black), are actions available to the folder just like above. From left to right they are Download, Share File/Folder, and Advanced Options.



Icon View

This view resembles the desktop of a computer in that each folder is represented by an icon. Click on a folder to view its contents. If you move the cursor over a folder a small arrow pointing down ill appear (as circled in red). Clicking on this arrow will produce a dropdown menu with a series of options.



Tree View

Possibly the most revealing view type, Tree View displays the Root folder and each directory within it. Click on the plus/minus boxes left of the folders to expand and shrink down the folder paths. Right click on the folders/files to select additional options, such as Preview, Download, and Sharing.



Chart View

Represented as a pie chart, this view provides a more visual representation of your folder size. When the cursor hovers over a slice of the pie (bottom red box) a small text box will appear and display the folder name, the number of files inside the folder, and the total size of the folder and its contents. Clicking on the slice will open the folder and a new pie chart will appear based on the contents of the selected folder.  The current folder path is located the top right-hand corner (red box) of the Chart View.



Bar View

Much like the Chart View, this view displays the folders in a selected directory and their sizes compared against one another. The top right hand corner (red box) displays the file path. If you hover your cursor over one of the bars a small window will appear with more information about that folder, such as number of files, folders, and the size.


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