What Are Folder Access Keys

Folder Access Keys are useful for companies that use automated programs to upload data, like files or reports to a FileAssist account. These folders to not require a username or password because they are assigned a special key. This allows the automated program to reach out to this destination folder with the key and upload the files without requiring manual username and password entry. For example, employees may upload weekly reports directly into a FileAssist user account (specific folder) without needing or ever being prompted for a username and password. 

To set up a Folder Access Key follow these instructions. Click the Share tab.

Then click the Folder Access Keys button.

Then click Create New Folder Access Key, select the folder, and click Generate Key. This screen will display the folders that have Folder Access Keys, who they are Shared By, whether they are Locked or Unlocked, and when they were created. Users can filter searchers and also delete old or unused Access Keys from this screen.


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