FileShare™ Link Distribution Methods

Overview: FileShare™ Link Distribution Methods

Once you've chosen the files you'd like to share and created the permission that will govern your FileShare link, you have several options for distribution.  

Options for Sending a FileShare Link:

Create Link- Selecting the Create Link button prompts the FileShare Link window.

Send with Outlook-  Selecting the Send with Outlook button prompts an Outlook email window containing the FileShare link. Additionally, the FileShare Link window will open underneath the Outlook email window.

Send Link- Selecting the Send Link button prompts the email window. See the Send Link email screen below.



Send FileShare Link Screen

A. Manage FileShare links takes you to the FileShare History Log.

B. Create New FileShare link takes you back to the FileShare main screen where you may create a new FileShare link.

C. The General Link field provides you with the link URL that may be copied/pasted.

D.  The Try Link Now button opens a new tab with the link to review what was sent.

E. The Copy button will copy the link and place it on your clipboard.



  • The Send Link feature does not send a notification email to the creator of the FileShare link. If you wish to receive and view the FileShare link notification that your recipients will see, you must include your email address with the other recipient email addresses where prompted.
  • If your email server doesn't use SSL to send emails, you may want to use either the Send Link or Password Protect feature. Send Link uses FileAssist built-in, secure email system. Password protect allows link access via 128-bit SSL encryption.   
  • For existing File Share links, you can change the notification settings, cancel the link, or extend the link by modifying the properties. For more information, view the step-by-step instructions for Modifying a FileShare link.


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