Advanced FileReceive Folder and Link Features

Overview: Advanced FileReceive Folder and Link Features

Filereceive Folder and Link features give you the ability to control the way data is shared with you. Track links, enable the overwrite feature, designate a return URL, and more. Easy? Totally! And it just takes a few clicks to customize Filereceive Folders and Links just the way you want. 

Access and Permissions Tab



Permissions Section

A. Password Protect Field: Allows you to encrypt your documents with a password. Recipients who follow the FileShare link will be asked to provide the password before accessing the files.

B. Link Expiration Field: Allows you to set an expiration date for the FileShare link. You may also select "Never Expires"

C. When enabled, new files uploaded to your Filereceive Folder will overwrite older files of the same name. If you need to retain versions of different files, then do not enable the overwrite function.

D. You may select a Do not display option to hide your name or email address.

Tracking Section

E. Enable the "Keep File History Log of each file upload" to keep a history of uploaded Filereceive Files.
F. Enable the "Send Email on each file upload" to receive an email notification when a sender uploads files to your Filereceive Folder.
G. Enable the "Send Email when web link is accessed" to receive an email notification each time Filereceive Links are accessed by recipients. 


Advanced Options Tab


Select Language Section

A. The default selection allows Filereceive Link recipients to view windows in their own language selection.

B. You may also choose to enable a different language from the dropdown menu. 

C. The "Display a custom Return Button" allows you to create a custom button and designate a return URL. When Filereceive Link recipients click the button, they are automatically directed to the URL you designate.


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