Sharing Files with FileReceive Links

Step-by-Step Instructions: Sharing Files with FileReceive Links

Ready to start using FileReceive Links? Awesome! FileReceive Links are simple, instant, and can handle the large files that email can't, all of which makes your online life easier. If you've been invited by a FileAssist user to send files with FileReceive Links, get ready to be amazed as you simply click, add files, and share in a snap. Not a FileAssist customer? No problem! Guests are welcome to use FileReceive Links free of charge. If you enjoy the service, be sure to sign up at and take advantage of our enhanced and customer-to-customer features! You might also be interested in more information on:

Let's Get Started:

1. Click the link in the notification email to access the FileReceive Link.

2. A page will open in a new browser tab. The top of the page displays the FileReceive Link owner and his or her email address. To begin sharing files, click the Add Files button. A new window will open allowing you to select files from your local drive.

3. Once you chosen all the files you'd like to upload via the FileReceive Link, you may add a message for the recipient. The message will appear in a notification email to the FileReceive Link owner that they have received new files from you. 

4. Finally, click the UPLOAD button. A progress bar will show how quickly your files are loading.

5. A confirmation let's you know that your files uploaded successfully. 

Important Information About Using the FileReceive Service

  • There is no limit on the number of files that may be uploaded via FileReceive Links, and each file that is shared or uploaded can be of any size, up to the full storage size of the recipient's account.
  • File transfers are secured with 128-bit encryption.
  • Guests are not required to sign up in order to share files through FileReceive Links.


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