Version Control

Overview: Version Control

What do you get when you put together multiple folders, multiple users, and lots and lots of files? The potential for a document version mess! Good thing we put measures in place that allow you better control over your files and how they are accessed or updated. Version Control allows multiple people to collaborate as a group automatically creating a backup copy of each file updated, protects against unintended, simultaneous edits to the same file(s), and tracks each new file version so there is a complete history of changes.

What is Version Control?

Version Control provides a structure for working on files in a team, along with detailed tracking, alerts, and the ability to open any prior version of a file. Best of all, Version Control features are accessible by opening the Properties tab of any folder as outlined in these step-by-step instructions.

When to use Version Control

Version Control is a great tool for any of the following situations:

  • When two or more people are adding files or changing files to a shared set of files.
  • When one or more users are making changes to files and each version of a changed file needs to be stored for historical, accounting, or legal reasons, or to rollback/refer to earlier versions in case of errors in more recent updates.
  • When you are sharing files with others and wish to be notified of any file change.
  • When you are sharing files with others in a group and wish to track user downloads.

Version Control Options

Version Control is a collection of features. There are four main Version Control options available:

  • Checkin/Checkout
  • Version History
  • Disable Delete
  • Email Notifications



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