File History Log

Overview: File History Log

A snapshot of your file history is just a click away with the File History Log. See when files are checked out, checked in, updated, as well as their location, size, and the folder path. That's a lot of information, brought together and displayed in one centralized location for your convenience!

Accessing the File History Log

The File History Log is accessible in two ways. You may either click the History tab at the top of the screen. 



Select the folder for which you'd like to view the history log, right click, and then select Properties and then File History Log.




File History Log Screen


Screen Fields

Path: Displays the selected folder's path.

Browse Button: Clicking the browse button prompts the folder tree allowing you to select a new folder for which to view the history log.

Include All Subfolders: Default setting is enable. You may disable by clicking in the check box. Disabling hides the subfolders and allows you to view the history log for just the selected folder.

Export Button: Allows you to view or download the File History Log in an Excel spread sheet or text file.

Delete Selected: Deletes the selected file from the version history. Note: This does not delete the file itself from the folder, just the version that is being logged for historical purposes.

Dropdown Menu: The first dropdown menu allows you to choose what type of history log you would like to view. Choices include Checkin/Checkout History, File History/Link Tracking, and Currently Checked Out Files.

Enter file name to filter: Filter your search results by entering file names in the text box.

Select a filter Dropdown: Filter the History Log results by Approved, Checkout, Copy, Delete, Undo Checkout, GroupShare Add, GroupShare Delete, GroupShare Update, Checkin, Move, Read, Rename, Upload, Download.

Show Default Link: Clicking this link refreshes the report to show the default setting of File History/Link Tracking.

Table Fields

Left-Hand Check Box: When checked, selects the whole row for an action.

View: Prompts the Version Control screen with file details and a comments box for additional notes.

Updated By: Displays the User ID of the person who last updated the file.

Action: Displays the action taken on the file.

Date: Displays a date-time stamp for the latest update on the selected file.

File Name:  Displays the file or folder name.

File Size: Displays the size of the file.

File Path: Displays the folder or file path.

Comments: Displays the comments entered with regard to the file.


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