Administrator Dashboard Overview

Dashboard Overview

The new admin console is efficient and powerful. The splash page for the console is the dashboard which provides the administrators with information about their account at a glance. The different sections of the dashboard have been boxed and labeled to break the information down to bite size chunks. Take a moment to look over the image below and then read the descriptions using the image as a reference. 



A.) From the dashboard the administrator can quickly add a user, another administrator, a group, or a division

B.) The drop down menus alter the statistics displayed in the donut graphs below the red box. The admin can view the storage being used, how the users are disseminated into their respective divisions or groups, and the files displayed by size, date, tag, file type, users, and extension.  

C.) Account Info displays how many users accounts are being used out of the total available amount and below it shows the used space out of the available amount. 

D.) This quick summary displays users, folders, files, groups, divisions, and other account information at a glance. 

F.) Updates in real time displaying FileAssist's announcements

E.) Notifications displays all actions across all accounts in real time. 

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