Tools Tab Overview

The Tools section of the account provides users with a variety of features. This article will provide an overview of the features and how they can help you use FileAssist.

To get started click on the Tools tab at the top of the screen.

Once you are in the Account Tools section you will see the Contacts, Reports, Services, Auto Grouping, and Technical sections. 

The first section, Contacts, contains the Manage Contacts button which will take you to an address book which maintains groups and saved contacts.

The Reports provide you with detailed information regarding the files in the account, what folders are shared, and other information about your account's data.

The services offer many powerful tools to manage your account and organize it.

Data Restore - Allows users to backup data from a snapshot taken every day at 5:00AM CST up to thirty days prior. 

Convert Docs to PDF - Useful tool for users to convert a .doc file to a .pdf.

Convert Images to PDF - Useful tool for users to convert images to a .pdf.

Upload Backup Estimator - Calculates an estimated upload time for those extra large files.

Manage File Lifecycle - Set file lifecycle rules that will automatically purge files out of a directory.

Index Files - Triggers the system to take a quick inventory of your account.

Virtual Folders - Useful for placing important and frequently accessed files from different locations into one location; similar to a favorites folder.

Service Plugins - Displays the Service Plugins that FileAssist offers all users.

The Auto Grouping tools are different ways for users to sort their files. Each of these options are a different way to sort the files housed in Virtual Folders. Sorting by Size, Extension, Date, Tags, or even Type are useful in quickly locating the files you need.

The Technical section offers a Developer API Key signup where you can request an API key to start developing.


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