Sharing Your Account Login

May I Share My FileAssist Account Login with Other Users?

The short answer is no. The long answer is this: the FileAssist Terms of Use expressly forbid sharing of account logins, and the FileAssist license allows only one registered user per login. Users violating this rule are subject to a permanent ban. In addition, sharing your login information with another person could present problems, including unintended deletions and security risks. 

Phew! Glad we have that out of the way! At FileAssist, our goal is to provide a service that meets our customers' needs, including the ability to access, collaborate, edit, backup, share, and sync. We provide you the ability to distribute files safely and efficiently without sharing your sensitive login information. 

Transferring an Individual FileAssist License

Individual accounts may not transfer their license, even temporarily. Instead of transfering, you will simply need to close your current account and start a new one. Since there  are no long-term contracts, you are under no obligation and can cancel your service any time. However, it's important to keep in mind you are billed in advance for services, cancellations take effect with 24 hours, and FileAssist does not offer refunds for the unused portion of your service if you cancel during the billing period. We suggest that you close your account at the end of the current period.



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