Advanced FileShare™ Link Features

Advanced FileShare™ Link Features

Sharing data with your FileAssist account is simple and convenient, and so is setting limits. FileShare comes with a host of enhanced features that allow you to control how, when, and in what way your information is accessed. Create rules for the number of downloads per recipient, set an expiration date for your link, track links in a history log, and more. 

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Start by selecting the files and folders you would like to distribute and then click the Access & Permissions tab.

Access and Permissions Tab:

Access & Permissions provides you with the options to password protect the link and set an expiration date (or none at all). It also allows the individual to download the file or only view it online; if allowing downloads you can limit the number of downloads.

You are also able to remove your name, email address, and any comments from the email that is sent out and allow guests to comment on the file.

Additionally you are able to track the FileShare Link’s activity. You have the options to receive an email when the file(s) are downloaded, when the weblink is accessed for the first time, and even record each file download in the File History Log.

Note: The Remember My Choices check box will only take effect once you have sent the link with your desired settings in place. 

User View Setting 

User View Settings determines how files are displayed when the recipient accesses the link.

The Show This View dropdown menu offers the options:

  1. Icon View - Thumbnails, Slideshow, Online Viewer, and Streaming Media
  2. Comments View – Same as Icon View, plus Comments, Details, and Search
  3. Detail View – Plain list of items (no media features)
  4. Preview Media – Opens a preview of the file(s)

The Language drop down menu will change page’s display language. 

Advanced Options

The Advanced Options tab allows you to add a cover page to the FileShare link. You can put a Cover Page Title, a Cover Page Message, a required Check Box Approval, Verification Text, a Graphical Signature, you can even add a button to return the user to a custom URL. Once you have made all of your selections, click Send Link.

Sending the Link

At this final window type in the email address of the recipient, customize the subject line of the email and enter a message as the subject. 

Important Information About FileShare Links

  • The Send Link feature does not send a notification email to the creator of the FileShare link. If you wish to receive and view the FileShare link notification that your recipients will see, you must include your email address with the other recipient email addresses where prompted.
  • If your email server doesn't use SSL to send emails, you may want to use either the Send Link or Password Protect feature. Send Link uses FileAssist built-in, secure email system. Password protect allows link access via 128-bit SSL encryption.   
  • For existing File Share links, you can change the notification settings, cancel the link, or extend the link by modifying the properties. For more information, view the step-by-step instructions for Modifying a FileShare link


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