Logging Out

Logging Out of Your FileAssist Session for Maximum Security

You've probably logged into an account somewhere on the web, then left the site without logging out. It's something that most Internet surfers don't give much thought. Did you know that when you login to a site, but don't logout, your session remains open in the background? This is true of your FileAssist account as well. Even if you move on to visit other websites, you can return to FileAssist using the BACK button on your browser and continue where you left off until you logout or shut down your web browser.  

It's always best to logout of any session you begin on any site to protect your important information. If you do not logout and leave your computer unattended, it is possible for someone else to use the computer to return to your open FileAssist session. You can find the Logout button in the top right-hand corner of your screen. Make this button your friend!

Logging Out is Always Recommended

When you are finished with your current session, it's a good habit to logout. It only takes a second, but provides an added level of security. Logging out closes your open connection with the FileAssist server, terminating the session connection to the FileAssist web service. It prevents another user from accessing your account, especially if you are working on a computer shared with other users. This also clears resources reserved on our server to maintain your active session.

Automatic Logout Feature

In case you forget to logout, we have implemented an Automatic Logout security feature. After a long pause in activity, the Automatic Logout will close your session with FileAssist. Then, any attempt to connect with the FileAssist server from your earlier browser session will cause a Session Timeout warning to be displayed. After you press OK on the Session Timeout warning, the FileAssist home page will be shown. You may login again to reopen the session with FileAssist.


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