Step-by-Step Instructions: E-Send

What's the word for faster than instant? E-Send! This cool feature was created especially for FileAssist customers to share data between accounts of the same type without sharing entire folders. This means Web Advanced accounts can E-Send with other Web Advanced accounts, Web Basic can E-Send with other Web Basic, and Free accounts can E-Send with other Free accounts. Files land in the recipient's Inbox, and because the transfer takes place on our servers they are literally delivered in milliseconds (that's one one-thousandths of a second!). And, E-Send supports any file size as long as it doesn't exceed the maximum storage available in the recipient's account.

Let's Get Started!

1. Login to your FileAssist account.

2. Select the Share tab.


3. Select the E-Send button.

4. Select the files you wish to share. Click Browse Files and then select the files from the prompt.

5. Enter the recipient username(s). Multiple usernames should be separated by semi-colons. 

Note: Click the Search User button to the right of the text box to pull up a list of your sub-accounts.

 6Click the Send to deliver the documents. 

Important Information Regarding E-Send

  • This feature is only available for users on the same account type.  You are not able to send files to users on a different FileAssist account (e.g., from Web Advanced to Free accounts, or from Web Basic to Web Advanced).
  • E-Send creates a copy of the file sent. Changes to your original file will not be reflected in files sent through E-Send. If you would like to share real-time links to your files, please use GroupShare™ or FileShare™.


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