Uploading with the Email Robot

The FileAssist Email Robot feature allows you to easily send or retrieve files from your FileAssist account by sending an email. To send files to your FileAssist account by using Email Robot follow the provided steps.

Enable Email Robot

Log in to your account, click Your Name in the top right corner (to the left of Sign Out).

Then click Email Robot in the list on the left side of the page.

Once the Email Robot screen is pulled up, make sure the Enable check box is checked. 

Choose between allowing emails from anyone or specific senders. 

Choose between keeping versions or automatically overwriting uploaded files that share the same name.



Decide if you want to opt in for forwarded messages to the email address on your account and keeping rejected emails in a spam folder. 


Then send an email with an attachment to the email address listed and the files will appear in a folder in your account. 


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