Modifying FileReceive Links

Step-by-Step Instructions: Modifying FileReceive Links

Did you recently create a FileReceive Link, then find that you need to change it? No problem! FileReceive Links can be modified if you need to extend an expiration date, send it to additional recipients, or even lock the file from further access. Just follow the these simple instructions. You may also be interested in reading more about:

Let's Get Started:

From the main screen of the User Interface click the Share tab, then click the FileReceive Links button under the Manage section.


From the FileReceive Links screen, click the Manage FileReceive Links button to access the Active FileReceive Links Log.

1. Select the FileReceive Link you wish to modify by clicking the Edit button (pencil icon).

2. A window will appear giving you options for editing the FileReceive Link. 

3. Make sure to click the Save button after making your changes.

Options for Editing FileReceive Links by Tab

General Tab

Choose a Drop Folder Field- Displays the designated FileReceive Folder.

Create a subfolder for each recipient Check Box- To enable, click the check box. When enabled, dedicated folders will be created for each file sender. Or disable to let senders place files into your FileReceive folder. 

Display this label: Field- Allows you to create instructions for file sender's to name dedicated folders when the "Create a Subfolder  for each recipient" is enabled. The default label is "Please Enter Your Name" but may be changed as you feel appropriate. (The second screen shot shows the content designated in the Display this label: field.)

Access & Permissions Tab

Change or Clear Password check box- Allows you to enable or disable a password associated with the link you are editing.
Link Expiration Dropdown Menu- Allows you to extend or shorten an expiration date on the link you are editing.

Permission Section

When enabled, new files uploaded to the FileReceive Folder will overwrite older files of the same name. If you need to retain versions of different files, then do not enable the overwrite function.
When enabled, allow users to upload entire folders, allows them to do just that through our bulk java uploader.
When the Do not display options are enabled, the information is removed from the "FileReceive Send by" field of your recipient's FileReceive Link notification email.

Tracking Section
Enable the "Keep File History Log of each file upload" to keep a history of files uploaded via FileReceive Links.
Enable  the "Send Email on each file upload" to receive an email notification when files are uploaded to your FileReceive Folder.

Advanced Tab

Select Language Section

The default selection allows FileReceive Link recipients to view windows in their language selection.You may also choose to enable a different language from the dropdown menu.

Return Button Section
The "Display a custom Return Button" allows you to create a custom button and designate a return URL. When FileReceive Link recipients click the button, they are automatically directed to the URL you designate.

Important Information About the FileReceive Service

  • Receive files of any size (up to the maximum free space on your account), allow email notifications to tell you when a file is dropped, and access received files instantly. 
  • There is no limit on the number of files that may be uploaded via FileReceive Links, and each file that is shared or uploaded can be of any size, up to the full storage size of your account. 
  • Only designated email contacts that you specify can send you files.
  • SSL 128-bit encryption during the transfer for complete security.
  • Files sent to you are already organized into the folder structure you have setup for storage.
  • Guest senders are not required to sign up. The FileReceive Service is free for the guest sender and included in your FileAssist plan at no extra charge.


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