Creating FileReceive Links

Step-by-Step Instructions: Creating FileReceive Links

FileReceive Links allow anyone to share files with a FileAssist user, even files that are too big to be sent via email. Once created, you can share FileReceive Links with friends, family, coworkers, and anyone else, even those without a FileAssist account. All you need  to share almost anything, from media to photographs and documents, is an email address. How convenient! You might also be interested in more information on:

Let's Get Started:

First, login to your FileAssist account. Then you may either:

Click the Send tab on your FileAssist toolbar, near the top left corner of the screen.


Right click in the Folder Tree section and select Create a File FileReceive.

Once you've selected Create a File FileReceive as your function, a new screen will appear. 

Now, let's go over the steps to create the FileReceive Link.

1. Decide which folder you wish to designate as FileReceive Folder, or you may create a new folder in the tree to designate as your FileReceive Folder. The default setting is your root folder in your FileAssist account. If you wish to change the folder, select the browse button.

Note: When creating a new FileReceive Folder, you may name it whatever you wish. However, we suggest naming the folder FileReceive Files to avoid confusion.

2. The Browse Folder prompt will appear and you may select a folder the tree.

3. Once you select the folder you wish to use, select the permissions and rules you wish to assign the FileReceive Link. The Advanced FileReceive Folder and  Link Features article provides a complete explanation of the permissions and rules.

4. Select the distribution method for your FileReceive Link. For a complete explanation of each distribution method, refer to the Advanced FileReceive Folder and Link Features article.

5. If you selected Send Link, a pop-up confirmation lets you know your FileReceive Link is successfully sent. 

Important Information About the FileReceive Service

  • There is no limit on the number of files that may be uploaded to FileReceive Folders, and each file that is shared or uploaded can be up to 2GB, up to the full storage size of your account. 
  • Only designated email contacts that you specify can send you files.
  • SSL 128-bit encryption during the transfer for complete security.
  • Files sent to you are already organized into the folder structure you have setup for storage.
  • Guest senders are not required to sign up. The FileReceive Service is free for the guest sender and included in your FileAssist plan at no extra charge.


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