Creating a GroupShare™

Step-by-Step Instructions: Creating a GroupShare™

Features. You want them. We have them! And one of the coolest is the GroupShare feature. By creating a GroupShare, you can provide access to the contents of entire folder(s) with other users. With options that allow you to control the way your data is shared, you can create just the right collaborative environment. Need more information on GroupShare? You got it!

Let's Get Started:

You can access the GroupShare feature one of three ways. 

Click Share tab in the toolbar and then select the GroupShare button.



Click on the folder you'd like to share, right click, and select "Group Share".


1. Any of the above methods will prompt the FileAssist GroupShare screen (fields in this screen are discussed in detail below).

2. Select the user(s) you wish to grant access by either entering the username in the Share to field or using the Search Users function. 

3. Assign the appropriate permission level, then click the Add User button.


FileAssist GroupShare Screen Field Descriptions

"Create a FileShare Link": Prompts the Create a FileShare link screen.

Share Folder field: Displays the folder highlighted to share.

GroupShare Notes Field: Optional open field. GroupShare notes appears in the Folder Sharing Report.

Search Users Button: Opens your contact list to choose 

Share to field: Displays the user(s) the selected folder is shared with, or will be shared with.

Select Permission Menu: Dropdown menu that allows you to assign permission to the user(s) sharing the selected folder. Selections are:

  • Full Access allows user to view, create, update, and delete files in the shared folder.  
  • Create and Update allows users to view, create, and update files in the shared folder
  • Read Only allows the user to only view files in the shared folder.

"Remove Selected Users" Link: Once a user is highlighted in the table, click the "Remove Selected Users" to remove them from the GroupShare.

Notify the user by email when adding them to the share Check Box: Enable this feature by clicking in the check box and the user added to the GroupShare will receive a notification email.

Stop Sharing Folder Button: Clicking the Stop Sharing Folder button stops sharing the selected folder with all user(s) associated with the GroupShare

Folder Sharing Report button: Exports Excel spreadsheet to your local machine.

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