Service Plugins

FileAssist includes service plugins that allow you to edit and view your documents, pictures, and other types of data online. These plugins save you the hassle of downloading the files, viewing and editing the file, and then uploading it again while worrying about different versions. 


Zoho Editor:

You can make changes to your documents on the fly. This editor allows you to make changes to your Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, and Power Point presentations online, so you don’t have to download the document and then upload the updated version. 



Aviary Photo Editor:

Quickly and easily edit your pictures online with this plug in. You can quickly touch up pictures without needing to download the file, using your own picture editor, and uploading the changed image. You can make all of your changes online using our free editor. 



Blogger Posting:

Post blog entries with pictures, documents, or any other files you want to share through your blog. Though you can quickly make a post and include some of your hosted data, you’ll still need to log into your blogging admin console to make any changes to the blog after the entry has been posted. 



AutoCad Viewer:

This viewer allows you to view .dwf files so that you can look over Autodesk files inside the browser instead of downloading and opening it within Autodesk itself. 



WordPress Posting:

Post WordPress entries with movies, images, or any compatible file from your account directly from the FileAssist account. To make any changes, you will need to log into your WordPress account. 



Twitter Backup:

Backup your tweets to a specific folder in your FileAssist account. To backup all of your tweets just log in to your Twitter account when prompted and it will save every future tweet to your account. 




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