Contact List Overview

To reach your contact list, log in to your account and click Tools on the top toolbar. 


Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and under the Contacts section, click Manage Contacts. 


The Contacts & Teams page is where you will add contacts, teams, and export your contact lists. 


Clicking on the Teams tab will display all of the teams you have assigned. 


Before you can make a team, you need to add your contacts. Click on the Add Contact button to begin filling out the information. The Contact Name section only requires an email address, but you can also add their name, other email addresses, and even a nickname.


Home Details asks for their contact information including their address, phone number, and even a personal website, although this section is all optional. 


Work Details covers basic information about the individual’s job, including their Job Title, Company name, phone number, address, and some other specifics, though it’s all optional and predominantly used for organization and record keeping. 


From the Team Settings menu you can add your New Contact to a preexisting team (e. g. adding new employee to marketing team).


The Details tab is a section for you to add notes specific to the person or account. 


Now that you have your contact created, you can click the Teams tab under the Contacts & Teams section and Add Team (black arrow) to begin the team building process. This section displays created teams, number of members, owner of the team, and you can click on the pencil icon (red arrow) to edit the team. 


Team Details asks for the Team Name, the type (email contacts or FileAssist Workgroup Users), and the sharing permissions. 


The Members Tab is where you add people to the team; you have the option of typing in their email addresses or searching through the contacts you've already added. 


Finally, once you've added all the contacts you need, you can export the contacts as an excel spreadsheet. 




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