Creating a GroupShare in Different Views

Creating a GroupShare

From the My Documents Tab

1. Select a method from the list below:

List View

Click the mail icon with a small green arrow as shown in red below. Click the GroupShare tab that appears below.


Icon View

Hover over a folder icon and click the downward facing arrow that appears in the top right hand corner. Scroll down to Send/Share, and select GroupShare.


Tree View

Right click on a folder, scroll down to Send/Share and click Group Share.


Chart/Bar View

Click the Folder Options menu, scroll down to Send/Share, and click Group Share.



From the Share Tab

Open the Share Tab and click Create GroupShare


2. Click the Search Folder icon circled in red below to select a folder to GroupShare. 


3. Select a folder from the list in the window that appears and click OK.


4. Click the Contacts icon circled in red below to select user(s) to send a GroupShare.


5. Check the empty box next to all user(s) you wish to add to the GroupShare list, then Click Add Selected Users & Close.


6. Select a permission level for the user(s).


Full Access – User has full access to GroupShare; FileShare and GroupSharing not allowed

Create and Update – User only has create and update privileges; deletion is restricted

Read Only – User may only view files

Master Access – User has equal access to folder as owner; FileShare and GroupSharing allowed

7. Click Add User/Group to send the GroupShare, then click Close.

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