Enabling Inbound Email Attachments

Step-by-Step Instructions: Enabling Inbound Email Attachments

Are you looking for a quick way to upload files to your FileAssist account? Email them! With inbound email attachments, you can upload files anywhere, anytime, and from any mobile device. Once the feature is turned on, simply use the inbound email address assigned to you. Emailed attachments then drop into an Inbound Email folder, or other folders you indicate with the MOVETO function. It's that easy! No need to fill out the body of the email, just attach your file and send it in!

Let's Get Started:

1. Login to your FileAssist account.

2. Click your account name in the top right and choose "profile/account".


3. Choose "Email Robot" on the left. 




4. Check the box next to your inbound email address in order to enable inbound email attachments.




Approved Senders Section

Select whether to allow emails from all senders or only from a list of approved senders. You may designate approved senders by typing the email address into the Email Address or Domain field and then clicking the Add to Approved button. View the list of approved sender in the Approved List of Senders window.

If you'd like to allow senders to determine which folder an attachment should upload to, you must add the "Allow MOVETO" feature. Highlight the email address you'd like to enable and the click the Allow MOVETO button. When sending the email, the subject line should read MOVETO (folder name). This will allow the system to place the inbound email attachment into the folder indicated in the subject line. 

MOVETO Settings Section

Select whether you prefer inbound attachments of the same name be overwritten or have a version number assigned.

Email Rules Section

Select the additional email rules you wish to assign to inbound email attachments.


5. Click Save to save the changes made to your account.


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