Testing Internet Connection Speeds

Troubleshooting: Testing Internet Connection Speeds

How fast is your internet connection? It's important to know generally what speeds your connection is achieving for the purposes of uploads and downloads. You can estimate your connection to see your true speed in megabits per second and measure actual performance for free. Just use on of these sites and make sure to select Dallas, Texas as the test location.

Interpreting the Results

Look at the measurement: "Upload Speed". This is how much data in MEGABITS that can be uploaded using your connection each second.  

  • Typical upload speed for high speed DSL or Cable Modem:  300-3000 kbps, or 38-375 KILOBYTES per sec. (1MB file in 3 to 30 sec)
  • Typical upload speed for a full office T1:  1200 kbps, or 150 KILOBYTES per sec. (1MB file in 6 to 10 sec)
  • Typical upload speed for high speed Fiber (FiOS):  2 Mbps - 30 Mbps, or 244-3662 KILOBYTES per sec. (1MB file in 1/4 to 4 sec)
  • Dial-up modem and satellite speeds depend on the connection type. You can expect a 1MB upload to take a few minutes.

 Let FileAssist Do the Math

You can also access free speed tests and then use the results to calculate upload/download times from the Tools tab at the top of the screen.


Just click on the Upload Backup Estimator button and use the tools provided, including a calculator, standard rates transfer tables, and data size and transfer speed equivalents.


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