MetaData Spreadsheet

Overview: The MetaData Spreadsheet

One of the great things about MetaData is the ability to organize information into an easily read spreadsheet. How? With just the click of a button! Below, you'll find an overview of the functions within the MetaData spreadsheet. You might also be interested in more information on:

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Change Selection Button: You may change the folder you are viewing by clicking the Change Selection button at the top of the MetaData spreadsheet. This prompts the MetaData path selection screen where you may choose the folder from a list of possible paths.
Return to Main Button: Returns you to the main page of your account.
Reset Filters Button: Refreshes the information in the MetaData spreadsheet importing the most recent entries.
Export MetaData Button: Creates a downloadable report as an Excel file.
Edit Selection Button: Allows you to edit the MetaData for a given row of information.
Page Button: Moves you from one page to another when there are multiple pages of data.
Records Per Page Dropdown Menu: Select how many records you wish to view in the spreadsheet.
Search Text in Files Button:
Add to Basket Button: You may select one or more files to add to your Selection Basket to download or create a FileShare link. Once clicked, you'll be taken back to the main screen of your account. 
Files/Folders Dropdown Menu:
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