Lite - Activity Log Overview

Lite - Activity Log Overview

Lite’s Activity Log shows you all the activity going on within your account.

Activity Log Interface

Navigation at the top...

The Activity Log (bell icon) will display a counter indicating the number of unread actions.  Once you select the Bell Icon to navigate to the Activity Log, the counter will reset to zero and disappear.

Navigation on the left...

This navigation menu will aide you in sorting out your log by activity.  It includes:

  • All (this is the default view that displays all the activity in your account)
  • Uploads
  • Downloads
  • Comments
  • Delete
  • Copy / Move
  • Rename
  • Folder Create
  • FileShare Link Create
  • FileReceive Link Create
  • GroupShare Activity

The content...

1) The Page Navigation tool will allow you to flip through multiple pages of data with ease.

2) The Clear Activities Link will let you purge any or all logged activities, depending on what sorting filter you are on.

3) The Activity Options (cogwheel icon) allows you to access advanced activity log options that are covered here.

4) New Items in the list have a gray background.  This will go away when you navigate to another page.

5) Existing Items in the list will have a white background.
Note: Any text that is blue in the list can be clicked on to reveal more information.


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