Lite - How to GroupShare your data to another user

Lite - How to GroupShare your data to another user

By creating a GroupShare, you can provide access to the contents of entire folder(s) with other users. Here are the steps to establish a GroupShare.

  1. Go to the Login URL and sign in.  You will be taken to the My Documents page.
  2. Locate the folder you wish to GroupShare to another user.
  3. Select the Share icon (triangle with three circles icon) to the right of the folder.
  4. A panel will open up on the right side of the screen.  Select GroupShare from the options available.

The panel will update to display all the fields required to establish a GroupShare on that folder.

6.You'll need to enter in the username you wish to share the folder to, or select them from the associated list by pressing the button on the right of the text field.

Then select the permission level that you wish to have on this GroupShare.

Create and Update -  Allows users to view, create, upload, preview, and update/edit files in the shared folder.

Full Access - Allows users to view, create, update, and delete files in the shared folder.  This provides general access and usability of the folder, though it prevents the folder itself from being shared and the recipient is unable to modify the folder settings.

Master Access - Grants the users to view, create, update, delete, and Groupshare your folders.

Preview Only - Prevents users from downloading any type of the file, though they are able to view them using the FilesAnywhere previewer.

Read Only - Allows users to view files in the shared folder and download the files. Users are unable to upload, edit, or modify the folder or its contents.

Upload Only
- Only allows users to upload the files. They are unable to preview, download, or edit them.
7.After you've selected the permission level, click the Add User/Group button to establish the GroupShare.

  8.Once you've established a GroupShare on a folder, you will see the user listed in the display below.

9.You will also see that the icon for the folder has changed to display a hand under the folder.  This denotes that it is being shared.

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