Admin Console - Multi-Factor Authentication in Login Reports

Once you enable Multi-Factor Authentication on your site, the system will modify your Login Activity Report & Failed Login Activity Report to reflect additional information.

Login Activity Report

First, you will have two new sorting options on your Login Activity Report.

  • On the Login Method, you will have the MFA selection.
  • You will also have the ability to sort by delivery method.mceclip2.png

Second, you will have three columns on the right side of the report that pertain to Multi-Factor Authentication.


  • Login Method - This column indicates if the login method is Multi-Factor Authentication, SSO (if applicable),  or the normal Standard method.
  • Verification Code Delivery Method - This column will display the delivery method if applicable.  SMS Text Message, Email, Phone Call, or NA.
    Note: NA can be the result of a non-multi-factor login, or due to a bypass setting in place.
  • MFA Authenticated Device - This column will display the bypass setting on the user account at the time of login.
    • No - This means that there is no bypass setting enabled or the setting has expired.  The user will be prompted for a verification code upon next login.
    • x Day(s) Remaining - This means that the bypass setting is enabled.  This is how many days the user can log in without being prompted for another verification code on the same browser.
    • NA - This means that there is no bypass setting applied.  This is because this login method is the Standard or SSO methods and Multi-Factor Authentication does not affect these login methods.


Failed Login Activity Report

You will see a new reason and a new function name listed on failed reports.


  • The new reason will be Invalid MFA Verification Code.  This reason will list the method of delivery and the destination information, such as the email address or phone number.
    I.E. "Invalid MFA Verification Code: Verification Code delivered via email to"
  • The new function name will be VerifyOTP.  This is short for Verify One-Time Password.
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