Custom Watermark on FileShare-Links

Watermarking can help deter unauthorized re-sharing of sensitive information in your account.  If you have ever needed the ability to watermark a file for preview or download within your FileShare link, here's how you do it.


Note: Enabling watermarking will convert the files to PDF's when downloaded.


1) Log into your account.


2) Click on the Share tab at the top of the screen.


3) Create a new FileShare link or Edit an existing one from the Manage section.


4) Click on the Access & Permissions tab within the FileShare link module.


5) From here, in the middle of the display, you'll see a Watermark section.


The features available for watermarking are:

  • Custom text field- You can enter your own text to appear on the file.
  • Position- The location of the watermark can be on the bottom (footer) or the center of the page.
  • Size- The size of the text can range from 8px to 24px.
  • Color- The color of the watermark text can be Grey, White, Red, Green, Blue, or Black.
  • Recipient's Email Address- Selecting this will place the recipient's email.  If the link is generated instead of being sent, it will display GENERALLINK instead.
  • FileShare ID- Selecting this will display the unique id for the FileShare.
  • Destination IP Address- Selecting this will display the IP address of the recipient's device.
  • Download Timestamp- Selecting this will display the timestamp of the download.


Sample watermark and how it displays on a document


Watermarking is only supported for the following file types.

Support Document Types:


Support Image Types:


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